Beginning again

Summer 2018 is almost upon us and we will be ready

image000001The sun is coming up here on the east coast of Maine.  This is the land of majestic sunrises as the sunlight beams first upon the United States heralding a new day.  Sound idyllic?  That’s because it is.  At Peacock House, while we are open year round,  we see the start of another summer  season as a bright beginning not unlike the fabled Downeast sunrise.  Here’s what we’ve been doing during the slow winter months to get ready for a crowded house.

Returning visitors to our bed and breakfast may notice some differences from the last time they were here.  Outside a new picket fence has been constructed.  All of the shutters have been taken down, repainted and put back up.  We are currently working on the installation of a pond in the back yard near the deck, and that will be ready soon.  We’ve added a trellis around the perimeter of the outdoor deck to afford a bit more privacy and ambience, perfect for serving outdoor breakfast on beautiful mornings.  Speaking of breakfast, there will be another indoor breakfast seating option available, a table for two for a more intimate couples experience.

Indoor improvements have also kept us busy.  The aging black paint that was on the stairway railing and newell posts has been stripped off, and a new finish has been applied.  We’ve installed new tile in both the Summer Room and the Captains Cabin.  Some of the rooms have been appointed with new rugs and furniture, and king size beds now grace our four suites.  A pair of bicycles is now available for those who would like to tool around town or take a tour out to one of the lighthouses in the area, maybe with a picnic basket prepared here especially for you.

We are always trying to improve the bed and breakfast experience for our guests.  Of course, some things will never change at Peacock House, like the homemade breakfasts, the personal service, and the relaxing atmosphere.  My name is Jim, and together with my wife Mary Beth, we welcome you to another summer here at Peacock House by the Bay of Fundy.  Won’t you join us?


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