How we spent our quiet season

It has been a busy quiet season here at Peacock House. We have been steadily working through the winter on projects to enhance the inn. Here’s a sampling of what we’ve been up to:

  • Most importantly, Peacock House will now be hosted by “we” instead of “me!” My husband Jim will be moving Downeast later this month. It will be wonderful to be together again and share our inn adventure!
  • King-sized beds are now in three suites: The Seaglass Suite, The Margaret Chase Smith Suite and The Peacock Suite. Luxurious 18 inch Satva mattresses will have you sleeping like a baby.
  • The Peacock Suite now features an antique fireplace surround as a unique headboard.image000003
  • The Meadow Suite has received a makeover and is now permanently set up with twin beds for guests who want to travel together but sleep separately.
  • WIFI has been upgraded throughout the inn for guest convenience.
  • The sunroom now features a charming gas stove to provide a cozy atmosphere on mornings and evenings when there is a bit of a chill.image000000
  • Lubec is known as a place to spy rustic wooden whales on homes and in local businesses. They are a popular item for visitors to purchase. These distinct whales were previously made by our friend Ernie, who has transitioned his business to Jim. You can now find your favorite whale from our selection here at Peacock House.image000005
  • Peacock House is now offering weekend workshops in the arts during the quiet season. A fiber arts retreat and a home brew workshop are in the works for the fall.
  • We have been sprouting flowers that we’re eager to plant. Spring is right around the corner and we are looking forward to having a blooming back yard!image000001 (9)
  • We will now be offering picnic baskets to-go! Baskets will be filled with delectable food and can be tailored to your dietary needs for lunch or dinner! A great choice for when you are exploring some of the more remote vistas! (We highly recommend a picnic at Reversing Falls!)
  • Finally, as year-round Lubec residents, we believe any time is a good time to visit Maine! Each season has something to offer everyone, whether you are looking to disconnect, reconnect, get lost or find yourself, we hope to provide you the very best in comfort. While we are not “officially” open during the quiet season, we can generally meet any reservation requested.

We hope our projects and upgrades will enhance your stay this coming year. In the future, we are looking forward to planning and building a coop and raising our very own resident chickens. I am excited for an abundant supply of fresh eggs and to add to the inn’s breakfast repertoire.

Happy Spring! We hope to see you soon.


Mary Beth Hoffman, Innkeeper



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